Why Aithent Case Management

Financial institutions facing the fraud threat need to be proactive and use the right fraud prevention and investigative application. An investigative case management solution deployed throughout an enterprise, across multiple business segments as a single database empowers the organization to understand and mitigate fraud risk effectively. Collaboration, workflow, alert management, interactive investigation and on-demand reporting capabilities streamline the investigative processes. Aithent Fraud Manager, a comprehensive case management solution for financial crime investigations, is an efficient solution that expedites the investigative process and helps to prevent additional loss of revenues from the outset.

Typically Aithent Fraud Manager™ is used by investigators and their managers in organizations within the banking, insurance and credit union sectors. Initially fraud investigators use Aithent Fraud Manager to create profiles of individual cases. As subsequent cases are added they are correlated algorithmically to proactively detect patterns of fraud at the moment the first indications are happening. This enables case managers to be alerted to the fraud so funds are not paid out on the false claim. The management feature is very helpful by providing access to reports to find out how an investigation is proceeding, redirect in process investigations, re-assign cases, etc.

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Customer and Market Profiles

Aithent has a wide range of customers for whom it is developing and implementing various case management solutions. Aithent's customers taking advantage of its case management capabilities include some of the world's premiere organizations in the finance, government, insurance, and product marketing and service sectors worldwide.

Finance and Insurance
Aithent offers Aithent Fraud Manager for financial crime investigations and Aithent Fraud Manager for insurance fraud investigations for the financial sector to achieve and maintain best practices and navigate business challenges such as fraud and money laundering.

Aithent Ombudsman™ helps governments improve relationships both with and for their citizens as well as their departmental agencies.

Aithent Case Management