ACM is a secure browser based solution built on the J2EE technology, implemented on a variety of platforms, providing comprehensive support for case management. With a case-centric approach, ACM allows users to define workflows that best suit organizational needs, enabling standardization of the most effective practices to investigate suspicious activities and address organizational compliance requirements. ACM supports the complete Case Life Cycle.


With a focus on case management, ACM supports, through API's and web services, seamless integration with your existing systems that include detection systems. By allowing users to collate information from multiple detection systems into a single case, ACM improves the quality of suspicious activity reporting. In addition to including a comprehensive set of standard reports, ACM supports both the electronic filing of SAR's and maintains a log of all activities facilitating the audit and review of compliance regulations.

Customers have the flexibility to select the deployment model that best suits their needs and environments.
For organizations that want a fast implementation, minimal demand on their internal IT resources and global access to the application, ACM is available in an ASP or hosted version.

For institutions that want an in house implementation but may not have the internal IT support or environment, Aithent can provide a fully integrated web/database environment that is completely supported by Aithent.

For institutions with IT resources and the need to integrate ACM fully into their existing IT infrastructure Aithent also provides an on site installation CD, with support from our technical teams to implement the product.

Aithent Case Management