Key Features

  • Dashboards

Dash Board

ACM Manager Dashboard illustrating how investigation managers and senior management can see a complete picture of all activities and progress for their teams with the ability to drill down quickly to get more detail.

  • Case Management
    • Manage all fraud and compliance activities
    • Control cross channel and multiple account fraud cases
    • Connect the dots to find and stop enterprise-level fraud
    • Easily integrate fraud and compliance sources and related Legacy Data
    • Effectively manage SAR and Regulatory Compliance Processes
    • Support Incident Assessment and Decision Process
  • Graphical Analysis
    • Identify and graphically represent relationships between multiple cases for easy inferences

Graphical Analysis

  • Data Integration
    • Easily integrate fraud and compliance sources and related Legacy Data
    • Pre-investigate - Incident Assessment and Decision Process
  • Security
    • Configurable security supporting authentication and authorization capabilities
    • Ability to restrict access to cases on screen and reports through application defined authorization rules
  • Workflow
    • Allow users to define workflows that best suit organizational needs allowing standardization of the most effective practices for investigating suspicious activities and address compliance requirements
  • Searchable Attachments
    • Search within an attachment and bring up the association of the attachment with the related case
  • Regulatory Reporting
    • Supports a variety of reports ranging from productivity reports (Key Volume and Metric Reports) to management reports (Case Load by Investigator, Restitution Obtained by Investigators, Effort/Activities of Investigators) to compliance reports (SAR, Annual Reports to State IFB)
  • Audit Trail
    • Maintains a chronological sequence of user activities on the system, thus providing the capability to reconstruct all the events of a case

Aithent Case Management